What is the delivery time for the medicines?

On an average the delivery time will vary from 7-10 days. The time limit may increase in case there are any location issues but the same is intimated from our end.

How should I place the order?

To place the order you will have to visit our official website and click on any medicine that you wish to buy. Add them to cart and proceed for the checkout. Provide the delivery address and make the payment. Your order is done and the details will be shared on your email address.

What are the different modes of payment that are offered by you?

To order our products, you can make the payment using any of the options like net banking, COD, credit cards etc. You are free to choose any of the payment gateways as per your feasibility.

What are the shipping charges?

Our shipping charges are $10 per order. You can add as many medicines you like in the same order and still you will have to pay this much amount only. We have tried to keep the charges as low as possible.

Is it necessary to provide the prescription for the order?

Yes, if you need the medicines to be delivered through our online Pharmacy you will have to send us the prescription for the same. It should come from a licensed physician only then we will be able to ship them.

How to send the prescription?

You can send us your prescription through the fax facility or even mail the same. You can even send it to our office address. In case you have any confusion or queries, you are free to get in touch with us via toll free number.

Are the Generic drugs safe?

We understand that your health comes first and that is why we ensure the quality of the medicines. Quality is our priority and you will never face any problem regarding it.

Is it safe to buy medicines online?

Unless the online pharmacy you are buying from is licensed and trusted, you need not worry about this aspect. Pharmacies which are reliable will always look forward to complete customer satisfaction and never compromise with the safety and health of their customers.

Why people prefer generic drugs?

The generic drugs are almost the same as the brand drugs with a difference that are really cheap. This is the reason that most of the people prefer them and also they are safe too.

What kinds of drugs are available with you?

We have a huge line of drugs available with us. From Cialis to many more you will easily find everything at our online store. Thus you need not look for other options as we are a one stop destination for you.

Is there any return policy of the medicines?

No, once the order reaches the delivery point, you cannot return the same. However if the medicines sent to you are wrong or there is any other problem, you can get back to us. Usually there are very few cases of the same as all the orders are checked and confirmed with the prescription and then delivery to the customer. Also you must ensure before placing the order as there is no return policy.

Do you provide overnight shipping facility?

For now, we only offer regular shipping options wherein the estimated delivery time is around 7-10 days.

Do you accept the healthcare insurances?

No we do not accept any kind of health insurances.

re you shipping services extended to all the countries?

Yes we provide shipping facilities to most of the countries but with a minimum order value. If you wish to know more about the same, you can call or write to us.

Are there any drugs which I cannot buy from you?

Yes drugs like narcotics and controlled substances are not available with us and you will not be able to buy it.

Are refill orders available?

Yes, refill orders are provided by us. Before your medicines come to an end, our professionals will give you a call and confirm the order. In case there are any changes, the same will be made and the delivery will be done. Thus you need not wait to place the order again but the same will be provided to you before the time limit.

Why your prices are cheap?

Definitely our prices are very low because we offer generic drugs which are similar to the brand medicines but at reasonable prices. That is why you are able to grab your medicines at a very affordable cost.

Are international orders fulfilled?

Yes we accept orders from international countries as well. The shipping charges and delivery time may vary but ensure that it reaches your time.

Which countries do you ship the order?

Our shipping destinations are not only limited to Canadian places but other countries as well like New Zealand, India, UK, Mauritius and many more.

Can I place bulk orders?

You are allowed to place the order in bulk but there are certain restrictions to it. You will have to contact the customer support in order to know more about the process, information to be provided and other stuff.

Is there anything other than the prescription which I need to provide?

No there is no additional requirement but the prescription should be from a licensed physician only or else it will not be accepted and we will not be able to complete your order in any way. So do send the prescription to get the order processed as soon as possible.